Your life matters!!

The purpose of this blog is to inspire and share success stories about everyday people who have dealt with struggles in various areas of their lives.

One of the systems I have developed through the years of coaching people is what I call  PLMS (“plums), the Personal Life Management System.  This system is separated into four sections:

  1. emotional
  2. physical
  3. spiritual
  4. financial

Like the legs of a table, these divisions of life must be equally fulfilled in order for the table to be level.  If one of the legs is out of balance, this table of life can get out of whack.  This can result in bad relationships, heightened stress, money problems, and the lack of personal fulfillment.  This blog will convey ideas, success stories, and practical everyday strategies that can have a positive impact on your life, no matter what your present situation may be.  I encourage lively interaction and endless encouragement.]

Much success to you!!  Your life matters!!


Jim Juarez